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We solve your traceability easily and integrate with your ERP in a standard way.


Traceability Touch Screen Software.
ilEAN Tracer 4.0 offers a super-specialized solution for this problem. With a built-in system designed for touch screen interfaces to be used in the easiest way for plant staff without any computing formation. IlEAN Tracer succeeds in making the own plant staff to be the ones who gives the traceability evidences at the time they generate and print by themselves the labels needed, completely compliant with the law and without any need of specialised personnel to guide them during this process.

This approach to a “paperless plant” earned ilEAN Tracer a European Union price in 2001 for increasing competitiveness in plants and it is probably, one of the most installed solutions in the world, with several millions licenses distributed across the world.

Works with any label printer in the market.
ilEAN Tracer 4.0 is able to print your label in any available printer in the market, turning into the most economic alternative to the programmed labelling machines which requires an expensive maintenance and more difficult operation.

Integrated POS Software.
If your business needs a POS in your point of sales you can integrate ilEAN with the TPV Software carmen wks as easy as Microsoft Excel integrates with Microsoft Word. Both systems, carmen and ilEAN, are products of SMiralles Software Engines business package.

Tactile terminals for POS and Sell Control in store modules.

client invoice

Easy and Fast Start Up.
We only need a Microsoft Excel archive with your stock list, clients and suppliers to integrate and Start up an ilEAN 4.0 system. We will charge the system with those data and configure the labels with your logos and legal requirements so you can be immediately labelling and tracing according to the law. The ultra-simplified tactile system of ilEAN Tracer will allow us to teach your staff in just one morning and show you the use and power of the traceability scanner system in just one more couple of hours.

The most installed Traceability Software across the world.
IlEAN Tracer 4.0 is a standard solution easily configured, distributed directly and by partners all around the world. This big volume of sales and work offer a product with the best functionalities and greatest technical features with an affordable price in remote and in situ implementations and in the different available versions customized to hundreds of business profiles.

Easily integrates with your other softwares.
ilEAN 4.0 it is not only an easy and efficient solution, moreover can be easily integrated with your actual management software. Also enables that every record made in the plant at an ilEAN monitor immediately turns into a purchase or sale delivery note. This integration is a second efficiency level which allows you to work with the “one data” philosophy and avoids registering two times the same thing.

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